“As the supervisor of Virtual and Alternative Learning for Pottstown School District, I often use The Academy for some of our challenging male students that are identified as AEDY because of their comprehensive services.  Some of the services that stand out from other providers include:
  • A variety of instructional strategies to meet students where they learn;
  • A climate where students can develop, refine, and demonstrate positive decision making skills;
  • Exposure to career services and college planning;
  • Transition planning for students returning to the classroom setting; and
  • Effective communication with family and the sending school district.

Although these program features are great, the one thing that I really take into consideration when placing students in this program is the male mentor component.  The staff at The Academy finds great ways to build connections with the students and model healthy male relationships, especially for students who do not have many positive male role models in their lives.  I find this to be a huge factor in implementing and maintaining changes in our students.”

      LaTanya White
Supervisor of Virtual & Alternative Learning
      Pottstown School District
      Pottstown, PA


“The Academy has been a great support to several young men in our school district. The staff and administrators have been a huge help in having our students attain their high school diploma or to transition back to our high school. In both cases, Mr. Mahoney and Mr. Crozier have worked closely with the Spring-Ford Area School District to ensure close communication with parents and the District to achieve optimal student success. I know that when we make referrals to The Academy that our students will be supported academically, socially and emotionally in order to prepare them for post secondary education or training.”

      Dr. Jeanmarie Mason
      High School Special Education Supervisor
      Spring-Ford Area School District
      Royersford, PA


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