At The Academy, we know that every student has the ability, potential and willingness to succeed, and our program provides the structured, supportive and respectful academic setting to foster this success.  Our student population receives academic instruction in a small, highly-structured learning environment that focuses on integrating traditional academic course work with staff and peer-managed behavior accountability systems.   The Academy works diligently to help each student develop the academic prowess and behavioral skills necessary to reach his fullest potential and success in school and in the community.

By setting achievable behavioral goals, reasonable academic benchmarks, closely managing attendance and encouraging classroom participation, The Academy creates a uniquely customized program for each student that drive success based on individual goals and objectives, including reintegration into home school districts and completion of graduation requirements.  The Academy is committed to helping students develop a respected reputation, by creating awareness of their potential and a more positive outlook for their future.

The Academy gives students the opportunity to redirect their lives; a challenge that requires partnership between students, parents, community members and educators.  The Academy’s Alternative Education Program works with students and school districts located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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